Bikini Wax Numbing Cream: Painless Brazilian Wax Treatment


Your best friend recently got a Brazilian wax, saying it was one of the best beauty treatments she ever had. She encouraged you to try it; however, you did not have the faintest idea about the procedure. So you headed to your favorite salon and asked for a Brazilian wax treatment. You were led to a treatment room, where you took off some of your clothes, as instructed, and lay on the bed. After a couple of minutes, you rush out of the treatment room – with tears in your eyes.

Visibly pained women are common sights in wax spas and salons. This fact is not surprising, since a bikini or Brazilian wax is one of the most painful beauty treatments today. During a Brazilian wax, professionals remove hair from the pubic area. They apply warm, liquefied wax on your skin, cover the waxed area with cloth strips, and pull the strips off once the wax hardens. The wax causes pubic hair to stick to the strip as it is removed, leaving the pubic area soft and smooth.

The benefits may outweigh the price, but you have to bear the pain of the treatment. The removal of hair on the pubic area is highly uncomfortable in most cases. Because of this, beauty experts and anesthesiologists have developed topical therapies to reduce the pain caused by Brazilian wax treatments. These solutions include numbing creams, which anesthetize the skin during wax treatment.

There are different types of bikini wax numbing cream on the market. Most numbing creams are applied at least 45 minutes before the wax treatment. They temporarily paralyze nerves on the skin, disabling neurons from transmitting pain impulses to the brain. Through this, you can barely feel the pain of the treatment. This makes Brazilian waxing procedures more convenient and bearable.

A wax treatment enables women to be more confident in their swimwear. You can wear a two-piece bikini and flaunt your body at the beach, without worries of unsightly hair around your bikini line. A numbing cream for waxing encourages regular trips to the salon for a Brazilian wax treatment. Frequent waxing reduces hair re-growth.

The next time you go for a Brazilian wax treatment, ask the waxing professional to apply a bikini wax numbing cream before doing the actual hair removal process. This way, you can walk out of the salon smiling.

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