Different Shapes of Diamonds


When you have to purchase a diamond engagement ring for the common occasion, you will have to look for the shape of the diamond which suits you most. There are many other things which you will have to look for apart from the shape as well. These things include clarity and size of the diamond. But in this article, we are specifically going to talk about the various shapes.

Choosing a shape of the diamond is a major thing. You can not just walk in a diamond store and choose any shape which catches your eye. The shapes have got a lot more to do with the person, the personality and the occasion. If you do not consider these things for the diamond engagement rings, then you are not going to create a memory out of that particular thing. Also, you are spending a lot of money and the diamond ring will remain with you for very long. If the ring is not the one which is liked by the person, then the person will not take its care and it will not bring happiness to him or her. This makes it imperative to be very selective and careful while choosing the diamond engagement ring.

The very first shape which we are going to talk about is the heart cut. This shape is favored my majority of the people for an engagement ring. The reason behind this is simple. The heart shape is romantic and there can be nothing more romantic than a heart shaped diamond. It is considered perfect to gift to the love of your life. This diamond cut will remind you of the lovely days and the person wearing it will always remain in love with you while wearing the heart shaped diamond. It is commonly available but if you want to find one which will retain its beauty for ever, you need to find one from London diamonds then. The quality and the cut which you will have when buying a London diamond ring will be unmatchable.

If you like a diamond with the rounded head and large facet, then cushion cut is ideal for you. Generally on the slim and long fingers, this shape looks great. It does not only enhance the shape of the hand, it also makes it look more delicate and soft. If your beloved has long fingers, then you should consider buying a cushion cut diamond engagement ring for the occasion. There can be nothing better than a cushion cut diamond in such a case.

Round cut diamond and the oval cut diamond are the most famous ones. They are famous because they look great on almost all the hands and on all the rings. These two shapes are so common that every 3rd diamond is cut into this shape. The oval shape is even more famous and it is preferred by the people with small hands. It makes the hands look long and sharp. Due to this quality of this shape, it is among the most used diamonds in the history.

When you have to purchase a diamond engagement ring for the common occasion. London diamonds

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