Hot Koi Fish Tattoos, Design, and Ideas! A Revitilization of a Traditional Japanese Design


Koi fish tattoos are quickly growing in popularity. In fact many traditional Japanese tattoo designs are coming to life with new vivid tattoo ink colors. This is a rapidly growing movement very similar to the west coast tattoo style. The west coast tattoo style started with the idea of taking older classic tattoo themes like anchors, hearts and etc and adding a ton of bright, and beautiful inks to them. A few years back the west coast tattoo style was about the hottest thing in tattoos.

However many people are not satisfied to stick with what everyone else has already done and most people that get tattoos want them to be unique and different. Therefore tattoo artists are always on the look out for new designs, new ideas and new ways to take their art to the next level. This constant pushing of the envelope develops many hot new trends in tattoo design.

In the past 5 or so years there has been a rebirth or revitalization of traditional Japanese tattoos. One of the hottest themes in Japanese tattoos has been koi fish tattoos.

Koi fish are very popular among women but many man are getting them also now. In Japanese mythology Koi are typically thought to swim up stream against the current. They are therefore often associated with perseverance in adversity and can make a great tattoo with a very deep meaning. Yet a delicate and beautiful design.

Men tend to get koi fish tattoos on their back, shoulders, calf or upper thigh most typically. In fact large koi tattoos that take up the entire back are a style that many men are starting to get. They can also make a great full sleeve design with the water and koi twisting around the arm or leg.

Women tend to get koi tattoos on arms, thighs, and even on the side of their stomachs. Koi can make a beautiful tattoo with lots of bright color and large splashes of blue water that can become a very flowing and artistic tattoo.

Typically koi fish tattoos feature a large blue, splashing water background with the fish jumping out of the water and playfully splashing in it. Traditional designs often include either Japanese maple leaves or lotus flowers in combination with the design.

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