How To Make Chandelier Earrings Using Paper Clips

Go through your beads and find 10 bead pairs that will be worked into your earrings. Here’s how to make a pair of earrings with a central bead just below the hook and three strands of links flowing from it. Each bead is made into a link which is joined to the rest of the earring.

Plan before you start work. Arrange the beads on the velvet cloth in the form of the two chandelier earrings. For each earring, put the largest bead below the hook. Arrange the remaining 9 beads in groups of three, one bead above the other, just below the central bead. Arrange the 9 matching beads for the other earring in a pattern symmetrical to the first.

Making the central bead link

1. Open up a paper clip so that it resembles a piece of thick wire.

2. Slide the largest bead to the center of the paper clip.

3. Using the tweezers, loop the wire above the bead through the hook and back to the top of the bead. Close the loop as tightly as you can.

4. Make a wide loop below the bead. This loop will hold the three strands that form the rest of the chandelier earrings. Close the loop as tightly as you can.

Making a bead chain

1. Open up a paper clip and slide it into the bottom bead so that the entire hole of that bead is filled with the paper clip. Wind the clip around bead to secure it.

2. Make the middle link. Open another paper clip. Slide the wire through the bead so that the bead lies in the center of the wire. Make a closed loop above the bead. Make another closed loop below the bead. Loop the wire on top of the bottom bead into the loop below the middle bead and close the loop tightly.

3. Open another paper clip. Slide the top bead in that chain to the center of it. Loop the wire below that bead through the top loop of the middle bead, close the loop as tightly as you can. Loop the wire above the bead into the wide loop below the central bead and secure that tightly. The first chain is now in place. Do likewise for the second and third bead chains and you have one chandelier earrings.

Make the other chandelier earring the same way.

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