Native American Jewelry – A Part of History


When it comes to jewelry, Native American Jewelry is one of the most sought after jewelries these days. This is due to the historical background and design that it has. Jewelry such as Native American Bracelets, were worn in early days as a way of expressing their status and tribal affiliations, especially for the Navajo tribe. Other tribes such as the Apache wore these jewelries to communicate with their historical successes. The Zuni and Santo Domingo tribes wore these jewelries because they believed that it helps them to gain supernatural powers.

Native American Jewelry is created based on the availability of the materials that can be found within the area of the creating tribe. Although these days, some of the materials used for creating these jewelries were only influenced by western countries. For instance, the use of silver was influenced by the Spanish people to the Navajo tribe. Nowadays, this jewelry is usually made of silver and turquoise is usually the semi-precious gemstone that is used. Among them all, the bracelets are the ones with a more detailed design and inlaid with semi-precious gems.

There are four types of these bracelets. The Cuff Bracelet (which is the most popular), the Link Bracelet, the Weave Bracelet, and the Concho Bracelet, are the four types. The Weave Bracelet and the Concho Bracelet are somewhat identical, but the design of the Concho bracelet was inspired from concho, which is a kind of belt.

Native American Jewelry is known for its intricate designs and historical backgrounds. There are a lot of designs for a person to choose from. There are, however, some designs that are iconic in the jewelry world. Being a jewelry collector, you will never go wrong with choosing Native American Jewelry as a collection. Native American Bracelets, Necklaces, Earrings, and others are sold with new creative designs from time to time. They can be purchased through the internet or in jewelry shops. Collectors of these type of jewelries continue to increase in number due to the beauty and fashion that it can give.

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