The Powerful Japan Earthquake

Because one Tectonic plate was sliding under the other plate
The powerful Japan earthquake shifted the earth’s axis position
Deforming it and that temblor already had caused Earth to rotate
Faster than before when Hawaii reached these waves transmission.

This temblor may have affected the length of the Earth’s days
So,each day may be quite two microseconds shorter than before.
Some parts of this country were moved twelve feet as scientists say,
The tremors sent a monster tsunami which slammed into the shore.

The aftershocks were rapidly continuing without decreasing in frequency
While a rupture near the boundary between those tectonic plates occurred.
Usually, the Pacific plate slowly moves to westwards at a very low velocity.
This quake was caused by Pacific and American plates boundary rupture.

The dissipation of the heat from the mantle was a real source of energy
For Pacific plate thrusting underneath the Japan and Eurasia plate.
This drive of plate tectonics was possible because of the excess density,
‘Cause lithosphere became dense by cooling until having a solid state.

The boundary between the Australian and Pacific tectonic plates
Are part of the “Ring of Fire” and runs from south of Fiordland
Along the line of the Southern Alps, beneath wonderful Cook Strait,
Capital of Wellington, and out to sea through the eastern North Island.

A section of the prehistoric supercontinent Gondwana broke away
Eighty million years ago comprising a few slithers of land left to drift
Coalescing into a new continent,Zealandia,under the Southern sun’s ray.
When magma heated continental crust above to crack open to form a rift.

Due to seismic activity, sea levels temporary fluctuated looking so glum
Zealandia sank beneath sea level letting New Zealand to be a remnant.
The pressure of opposing tectonic plates caused the Alpine Fault to come.
The Southern Alps rose above the water looking like the moon’s crescent.

Earth’s surface is recycled through the volcanic emission and subduction.
The quake can be caused by a rupture near the boundary between plates.
The causes are high the level of carbone dioxide and sometimes erosion,
But when the rupture is big, it can become a real monstruous Hell’s gate.

The Pacific plate had thrusted underneath Japan and in a late,
It dipped beneath Eurasia plate and the earthquake occurred along
The subduction zone at the interface between those two tectonic plates.
Two thousands people died because the earthquake was very strong.

The Pacific plate moves usually westwards at a very slow velocity.
The boundary between the Pacific and Australian Plate runs broadly
Along New Zealand,where another quake occurred with a strong ferocity,
While planet is on a one-way warming trend triggered by human activity.

Marieta Maglas

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