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Buying a Waltham pocket watch has never been easier now that you can do so online. Nevertheless, it is important to know what you are looking for before buying. While most sellers are reputable there are a few fakers trying to steal your money.

It is safe to say that time is a part of people’s lives, before when pocket watch where not yet discovered people used the sun to tell them the time. But when clocks where discovered it makes it easier for people to tell what the time is without the hassle of squinting under the bright light of the sun.

Knowing the time is one of the most important things today for people are very busy about doing their job and they need their watches to keep track of the time.

They needed their watch to tell them if they are late for work or late for a meeting, to tell them if they are early or its time for them to go home. Time is not only important on the community but also on the battle field for more man at arms use time in their strategy.

A pocket watch is one of the old watches that were ever made long before and it was also one of the popular watches in its time especially for the gentleman’s. Waltham watch company are known to produce a top quality railroad watches, they have been bankrupt before and operated under many several different names. The Waltham watches were expensive even now and they remain in the collectors market.

The Waltham Company was founded in 1850 by Aaron Dennison, David Davis, and the financier Samuel Curtis in Roxbury, Massachusetts and was later on joint by the forth founder Mr. Howard.

By 1854 the company already produced their series of quality pocket watches. They change company names until they got bankrupt in 1857 but Tracy and Co. merged with the company and got back up to its feet. They changed their name to American Waltham Watch Company in 1885 and remain so until the end of the company in 1957.

Here are some tips and advices for you to know if your Waltham pocket watch is authentic.

  • First, you have to identify what type of pocket watch is it for there are 3 basic types. An open face pocket watches this type has no cover over the face while its winds are at the 12 o’clock position. A Side winder this too has no cover but its winds is positioned at it 3 o’clock. The Last is a hunting case that has a closed case its cover goes over to the face of the watch.
  • On the back cover of the watch the name their should be the initials A.W.W.Co. and Waltham, Mass on the movement. You will find this by opening up the back cover.
  • Also one way to identify it authenticity is the serial number of the watch, you could list them down and see if it is a fake one or not.
  • Also when you buy this pocket watch since it is in the collectable market their will be papers to show that they are authentic.
  • If are buying online then you must be cautious so you won’t become a victim of fake website and lose your money with a fake pocket watch instead of the expensive original.

To find out reputable places to buy a Waltham pocket watch [http://goldwalthampocketwatch.com] you need to know where to look. For example you can look at sites like GoldWalthamPocketWatch.com [http://goldwalthampocketwatch.com] for some ideas on which watch to buy.

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