What Kind of Jewelry is Appropriate For Men?


Men’s jewelry has become popular nowadays. Way back in the old times, men’s jewelries are more functional than just a mere fashion these days. Before, jewelries like tie clips, cuff links, money clips and wristwatches were necessary accessories for men because of its function. Unlike now, men are looking at style and fashion instead of its functionality.

But it is also important to get the right jewelry that fits your personality. So what kind of jewelry is appropriate for each individual especially men? Check this list of suggestions below.

  • Chains Wearing chains in your wrist is fine as long as it compliments and doesn’t not clash with the watch you are wearing. A simple chain or even big chains are fine as long as it compliments your outfit.
  • Rings A simple wedding band or any type of ring as long as its limited to one ring per hand at most. Wearing more than one is a sore to the eye already.
  • Wrist Watches It is definitely a good thing if one has a few collections of watches which will serve in every occasion. You can have one which is classy, a bit expensive fit for special occasion. There are lots of watches that serve as functional timepiece for everyday use. This is one jewelry that men must have. To own a beautiful timepiece like these can make quite a stir and impression.
  • Necklaces To wear one is fine as long as it’s just a thin necklace with a small pendant or no pendant at all. As long as it compliments your outfit and look. It should be worn as an accent only. Remember when it comes to men’s jewelry, simplicity is always the key. So a thin one with or without a pendant is acceptable and a big NO to thick necklaces that attracts so much attention.
  • Tie Clips Tie Clips definitely have its function. It keeps the necktie in place and fastens the necktie to the front of the shirt. It sure is important to wear one.
  • Earrings Just leave this accessory to women, it definitely looks a beautiful piece in their ears but not for men. When people see it on men, they are not impressed unlike in women where earrings are well appreciated. So it’s a big NO for men to wear earrings.

So now you have an idea on what jewelry is appropriate or not with men. Just keep in mind when buying for your husband or male friends, make sure to find one that is just simple but makes a lot of impression on the person who is going to wear the jewelry.

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