How To Make Easy And Accurate Trading Calculations Using Japanese Candlesticks

In the early seventeenth century, the Japanese created a method of calculating the actual price of rice contracts in a technical manner. For this purpose, the candlesticks were created. The process of calculating the price of rice contracts by this method is called candlestick charting. The candlestick charts simply compare the prices they do not involve any calculations. With strategically drawn Japanese candles, the reading of price action becomes easier. It gives a basic idea of the market fluctuation to the reader. Unlike traditional bar charts that give a low or high estimate, the candlesticks provide a view of the open or closed price.

There are several patterns used to illustrate the prices in a candlestick analysis.

One of them is the bearish reversal pattern. It helps to display the trend reversal in the market. However, it does not necessarily mean a turnaround in prices, it could also suggest a slowdown in the trend or sidetracked trend.

Then there is the continuation pattern that displays the established trend in the market for a certain period of time. The continuation patterns help the market researchers analyze the differences between the reversal and the period of pause in the market.

The Bullish reversal patterns help to give the idea of the market workings. Depending upon these patterns the reliability of the prices can be concluded.

The master candles are one of the most important tools for technical analysis in terms of the stock market. They provide with some of the most accurate analysis of the market. The master candle is available in various shapes such as the “Marubozu” which is the term for the candle that has no shade. Another is the typical candlestick depicting all four prices varying from each other. Then there is the “Doji” for those Japanese candles that have no body. In this case, the open price and the close price are the same. There are also the shooting star and other shapes to capture the fluctuation in the market trends.

Candlestick trading is to help people to understand the psychology of the stock market. They give a technical illustration of the exact market situation. They are preferred due to their accuracy. The understanding of the workings of the candlestick is quite easy. One needs to learn the different patterns and their link with the trend of the market.

Candles trading is ideal for people working on a short-term trade operation. A candle strategy helps in the working of the stock market and it is a very profitable technique to use. They can provide with the correct signals in terms of reversal trends and help to get a profitable opportunity. With the right set of management rules, the Japanese candlesticks can be used as a tool for bagging chunk of profits. Compared to other techniques such as bar charts, the Japanese candle formation can increase more trading gains. The risk factor involved in candlestick trading is much less compared to other discretionary strategies. It is extremely easy to understand that is what makes it more helpful.

Advice and information relating to Candlesticks. Japanese candlesticks are the most powerful tool for reading a stock or forex chart.

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