Japan Killing US Automaker Manufacturing Jobs in America


Many have noticed the out flow of American jobs to foreign shores. The outsourcing and manufacturing of products, which were once done in the United States are now being done in other nations like China, India, South Korea and Japan. Should we blame these other nations for their abilities to manufacture items cheaper and more efficient? Should we set tariffs to block the rush of imported goods into America, which is compounding our trade deficit?

Some say that after WWII we should have never assisted in the rebuilding of Japan, yet we did that because history taught us a lesson after WWI with Germany and the treaty of Versailles. Regarding Japan; I am neither pro-Japan nor opposed to them. They have their own issues like Earthquakes and Typhoons to deal with as well as growing World Powers, which like their little island and are stationed in harbors within their region. Additionally Japan has to worry about their aging population and the issues, which economies deal with in that regard.

The Japanese Automakers are kicking our butts because of our own follies, apparently we all believed that the huge profit margins associated with SUV manufacturing was going to last forever and pushed a bridge too far. That was a completely silly notion indeed. The Deming Years should not have to be a repeatable lesson; we are smarter than that. Honda in 2005 gained incredible market share with two of the top selling vehicles with for the car and light truck. Is it really Japan’s fault for kicking the US Automakers butts into oblivion or is it our own fault for over regulation, incessant Union demands and taking our eye off the ball again? Think on this in 2006.

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