5 Tips To Buy The Best Hair Extensions

“Should I buy hair extensions” is a common question. Getting an instant new look has never been easier than they are now with clip in hair extensions. These are hair pieces that are better alternatives to permanent hair extensions, because you can easily put them on and remove them even without paying a professional hairdresser. Perhaps you have decided to try using a hair extension, but may find yourself wondering where you can buy hair extensions. It’s a good thing that you now have several choices you can explore when it comes to clip in extensions.

When you have decided that you would like to purchase hair extensions, it is important that you research the best options for you. This should include searching local online stores, visiting your local beauty or hair salon and also researching and finding out about what other consumers are saying on beauty forums and information websites. Up to date information about the brands, the types of extensions they sell, the quality and the price are the most important factors to consider when you want to purchase extensions.

Get extensions online and get an instant look the convenient way. You can shop right at the comfort of your home and you can explore several websites now offering various brands and styles. However, you need to exercise some caution when you buy hair extensions online. Compare styles and prices, and make sure that the online store offers a refund or return policy, in case they do not deliver the exact product you ordered. When you buy extensions online, you would be saving some cash, but remember, you do not get the luxury of trying the hair pieces first before you make your purchase.

Another good way for you to buy extensions is in person at your local beauty or hair salon. This option has the advantage of allowing you to see the hair extensions before you buy them. It will also help you get the closest color match to your own hair as you will be able to compare there and then. Most retailers will allow you to take out the hair to feel it and check the quality but you will not be allowed to try on for hygiene purposes. This is important because you will also be able to feel how thick it is and if it will be suitable.

The disadvantage of buying extensions in a beauty or hair salon is the price. Often the cost can be three to four times more expensive and you can easily pay $350 or more for a set of clip in extensions that you can purchase online for $150. This is because buying online allows you to miss the middle man as many online stores deal straight with the manufacturer and do not have to pay expensive rent or middle man costs. Sometimes it may even be beneficial to go into a store and get an idea of the type of extensions and color you would like and then buy extensions online for a better price.

If you do decide to buy extensions online, check the customer feedbacks on Facebook or other social networks as well as on eBay if you find the style you like on an eBay store. You can also do a Google search and you may find some YouTube videos giving advice on where to buy extensions. Check out the before and after photos of people who have bought extensions. This way, you can get a comfortable feeling and you can easily buy extensions that can bring out the best in you.

Do not hesitate once you have found the style, length and color that you think suit you best. Buy hair extensions and see how you can easily create a new look, without spending too much time nor money. Add volume to your hair by using clip in hair extensions and feel more confident. If you’re still unsure of the style that can improve your looks, ask a friend or your spouse to help you decide, or better yet, simply ask them to surprise you and give you a hair extension for a gift!

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Danni Reese is a Hair and Beauty Specialist

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