7 Effective Monetization Strategies for Medical Mobile Apps


Being an app owner,Guest Posting you want to knowhow to make money from mobile apps or how to monetize a free app.Medical app monetization strategy is similar to regular models that teach youhow to make money from apps.

A medical mobile app should complement the overall business goals of the app’s owners. It’s best to integrate amobile app monetization strategyat the beginning rather than force one when your app is already built and functioning with an active user base. An app’s optimal monetization model highly depends on its business logic and concept. 

How to make money from medical apps: top 9 monetization models

Not onlycan medical app development improve healthcarebut it can be profitable for the app owner.Let’s go over theninemobile monetization strategiesthat are applicable for medical mobile apps. Here we list the most popularmobile app monetization modelsto answer your question about how to make money in healthcare. 


Freemium is one way to monetize a medical mobile app. This compound of the words free and premium means that you offer two versions of the same application. The free version gives access to basic functionality and the premium version allows users to access additional (more advanced) features not available in the free version. The idea is that users will download the free version and enjoy it so much that they pay for the premium version to get access to enhanced functionality. The freemium model gives users the opportunity to know what they’re paying for before becoming more committed and engaged. This app monetization strategy also creates positive word of mouth, adding more value to the app.

Certified content

Promoting certified content is anothermonetization strategythat works perfectly for apps that offer peer-to-peer services and focus on selling certified content that is valuable for care providers’ practice rather than features. In a medical app, for instance, doctors might be able to view a fixed amount of content for free. After that, they need to sign up and pay a subscription fee to get access to more content that’s regularly updated. Care providers are likely to pay to stay subscribed to certified content or to simply follow updates and advancements in the medical sector. In the case of subscriptions, payment is recurring. 

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