Attain That Gorgeous Look With Panty Girdles

Paul poriet, this is the name that should stick in whoever tries a new panty girdles. In 1919 he invented this awesome undergarment that has enabled many women to have their confidence back and get a sexy look.

In a nutshell, a panty girdle is a woman undergarment that has both panty and a girdle in one. Since its introduction in the market it has undergone major transformations. Traditionally, they were available in a plain white design but this has since change and they are now available in many styles and color.

The benefits of having a girdle include

· Panty girdles shape your body in a way that simple cannot be achieved through diet and exercise.

· It offers support to both the back and the stomach. This is a popular choice when it comes to expectant women.

· It makes your clothes fit well.

· By the fact that it is tight it won’t allow you to eat too much.

These garments come in different styles for example:

· Boy short girdle that has legs extending to the mid thigh

· Long girdle that extend right down the thighs

· A girdle that is similar in appearance to high cut panties

· White rago- It is a vintage panty girdle that has been used for along time and was popularized marlyn Monroe the famous Hollywood actor of the 60’s

· White damart- comes as classic panty that has support on the back

· Spanx power panties- It requires some effort to put on but the experience of it is awesome.

· Playtex secrets – designed to give a smooth and light feel.

In choosing the right girdle the following should be taken into consideration

· Material-select a material that will absorb sweets well and wont give a discomforting feeling. Wool is definitely a choice here.

· Anti slip lace- a good panty girdle should have anti slip lace. This special feature enables the girdle to be maintained in position.

· The side seam- a good one should have a side seam. Preferably done on the internal joints.

· Thickness- an ideal girdle should be thin and lightweight. It should easily fit inn regular clothing.

It is interesting to note that some men derive enjoyment in wearing female girdles. Most men who choose this path give the reason that these girdles give firm support and that they are long lasting.

To many women how they look greatly affect them and they take different paths in achieving the look that will not only make them feel better but also make them look gorgeous in the eyes of the society. A panty girdle is one such path to follow.

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