Cellulite – What Causes Cellulite And Some Remedies!


Cellulite has troubled a lot of people around the world, especially women, since cellulite seems to be a problem of women alone. Cellulite makes skin look lumpy as well as a bit fatty, especially in areas where cellulite is formed. This can be a cause of much distress for women.

Here are some of the reasons behind cellulite:-

1)Cellulite is hereditary, all those who are hereditarily programmed to get cellulite, will start getting it at the age of 14-15, i.e. at the age they attain puberty. Some ladies can get cellulite after pregnancy

2)Eating Habits are as much cause of cellulite as anything else. If your eating habits contain intake of junk food, caffeine, alcohol, etc. this will lead to a rise in the levels of toxins in your body and thus cause cellulite.

3)Medication also can cause cellulite, especially if you have been taking birth control pills, sleeping tablets, weight control pills, etc. then the estrogen levels in your body are high and this will cause cellulite. Also some of these medicines increase the levels of toxin in your body, this too can cause cellulite.

4)Smoking is also one of the causes of cellulite; it harms lungs, heart as well as works towards weakening of skin. Cellulite appears faster and more on a weak skin.

5)Not drinking enough water can cause cellulite too. Water is extremely important for a human body. You should try and drink as much water as you can so that your body can flush out all the waste and toxins out of your body.

Following are some of the home made remedies, all those ladies who are not plagued with a serious problem of cellulite can try out:-

Improve your diet by eating fresh foods. Fresh food has less toxins, especially home made food is the best for your health. Try and find out those foods which help in removing toxins from your body. This will bring down cellulite level in your body to quite some extent. Eating all rounded nutritious diet will do you a lot of good. Avoid packaged food.

Increase consumption of water: Water consumption for a healthy human being should be at least 7-8 glasses per day. So carry a bottle of water if you are on the move and see to it that you finish the complete quantity.

Put a stop to smoking habit, since it harms your skin along with lungs and respiratory system.

Unless if totally necessary try to stop unnecessary medication, so that the toxin levels can drop and your efforts towards removing cellulite can start showing results.

If you have a serious problem of cellulite you should consult a doctor who will guide you in your efforts to get rid of cellulite in a better way. For all those who are genetically programmed to get cellulite will require more time to reduce, if not remove cellulite, you might not be able to remove all of it, but reducing cellulite is possible.

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