Discussing Your Acne Scar Removal Options with Your Dermatologist


Acne scar removal procedures are quite complicated and a bit expensive, or at least, more expensive than typical pimple cures. Most of these procedures carry a number of risks; that’s why making the decision to undergo one should not be done lightly.

Before undergoing an acne scar removal procedure, a patient should have a thorough understanding of the pros and cons of the treatment. He or she should be aware of its potential effects and how the procedure will be done. The decision on what procedure would be used by the patient should be made by the patient himself and his dermatologist.

A patient who bears the marks of severe acne should have a thorough discussion with a dermatologist or a skin specialist before deciding on what option he should take. First, the discussion should focus on the available procedures for scar eradication. There is dermabrasion, laser removal, skin grafting, chemical peels, collagen injections, fat transfer, skin resurfacing and the use of ointments specifically formulated to remove scars.

Each procedure should be explained by the dermatologist, including the risks associated with them and their expected effects. The skin expert should then assess the severity and type of the scars. Acne scars can be box car types, ice pick marks, rolling or hypertrophic, also known as keloids. Each type of scar requires a particular procedure since each has a particular appearance. A certain procedure might work for an ice pick scar, but not on keloids.

After determining what type of procedure will fit the patient’s scar type, the health condition of the patient should be re-examined. The patient should be perfectly honest with the dermatologist when it comes to his or her medical history. Past and current diseases, medications being taken and even personal habits should be part of the discussion. This is done to prevent potential adverse reactions to the procedure that will be used and to make sure that the patient is not allergic to the treatment that will be administered.

Another important thing that should be discussed with the patient is the cost of the preferred procedure. Most acne-removing operations make use of highly advanced equipment, so it is not surprising that they will cost more money than traditional therapies. There is also the issue of follow-up or maintenance treatments. Added to that is the possibility that the chosen procedure will be done more than once.

Dermatological clinics might offer scar-removing procedures right at their place of operation, but patients will do well to research other options and see if other clinics also offer the same services. This way, the patient can compare prices, venues and even the quality of service. It is important not to make any hasty decision when it comes to such a serious procedure.

Making the decision to undergo an acne scar removal operation should not be taken lightly. A patient should discuss his options with a dermatologist and also do some research on his own. Preparing for the therapy is important so that you won’t be sorry when it’s done.

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