Eyebrow Hair Loss


They could be different reasons for eyebrow hair loss. Over-plucking and rough or harsh plucking of eyebrows could lead to eyebrow hair loss. Over dose of vitamins, low thyroid hormone level, hormonal imbalance during menopause, nutritional imbalance, chemotherapy and certain skin disorders are the most common causes.

The treatment depends on the cause and once diagnosed can be treated well. Hair transplants can be done on women in selected cases. Before going in for surgery, you should meet a dermatologist and find the cause for the hair loss and treat it. Surgery may be unnecessary. In the meantime a balanced diet and restful sleep will help to solve the problem to some extent.

Iodine is an important element for hair growth. Lack of iodine is your diet leads to hair fall and excess of it could have an adverse effect.

Home remedies for eyebrow hair loss like applying castor oil on the eyebrow and leaving it overnight encourages thick growth. Warm coconut oil and olive oil are also supposed to aid growth. All these remedies take time to show best results, however they seem to be effective.

Oil being rich in vitamins and proteins has exceptional penetration efficiency. Hence it stops protein loss in hair. Regular use of oil helps stop hair loss.

The temporary way of resolving this problem, would be make-up, stencil to give the eyebrow a well-defined shape. These options depend on how comfortable the person is with it.

Eyebrows are well-defined features of our face. It would be embarrassing for a person to attend social gatherings and events with eyebrows. Loss of eyebrow hair could destroy a person’s self-esteem and level of confidence. Well crafted eyebrows add charm to one’s face. Losing eyebrows could be depressing and petrifying as well. It could make a person feel self-conscious.

If surgery, oiling and a balanced diet do not help in restoring the growth of eyebrows tattooing could be tired. The permanent crafted eyebrow look natural and does not cause embarrassment as in the case of wigs. However nothing can replace the hairy eyebrows.

Eyebrows enhance and illustrate the eye. So never neglect your eyebrows, for a person who has always taken care of their appearance, sudden lose of hair could be traumatic. So the earlier you attend to the problem the better you can overcome.

Watch out, there are many money making therapies which do not yield results but only make tall promises. Deal with reputed cosmetologist and surgical clinics.

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