Get Straight Hair Without the Effort of Traditional Straightening


It seems we’re never quite happy with the head of hair we were given. Those of us with curly hair envy the sleek, flowing look of straight hair, and those with straight hair wish their hair had our sassy ringlets. Our straight-haired counterparts do not take into account, however, the practicality of curly hair:

· Endless mornings spent removing tangled knots

· Fear of humidity and wind

· The longing to run fingers through your hair

· Days of uncontrollable frizz

Thanks to a new hair straightening technique imported from Japan, it is now possible to permanently escape the curly-hair blues. Known as thermal reconditioning, this process actually penetrates the hair shaft and chemically changes the structure of the hair by introducing amino acids into the hair cortex, where they are heated.

The treated hair remains straight until new hair grows in its place. Depending on how fast your hair grows, the treatment may need to be repeated once every six to eight months. Unlike other harsh hair straightening procedures, these repeated treatments should actually leave the hair in a better, healthier condition over time than it was prior to your first treatment. This is because the Japanese hair straightening system infuses your hair with protein and collagen, leaving it with a sleek, shiny look and a relaxed feel.

According to the management at Sacramento’s Salon Cabochon [], “Being able to recognize that not all hair types are suited for thermal reconditioning is very important,” because attempting to permanently straighten hair that is not ready for treatment could damage it. When done improperly, the treatment could even damage the scalp. This is why you should ask about your hair stylist’s training and experience with thermal reconditioning, and look at their before and after hair straightening photos [].

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