Getting the Most Out of Your Solar Storm Tan Bed

Intent on getting a tanning bed? A Solar Storm tan bed would be a good choice. The Solar Storm line has been tried and tested for quality. In fact, it is so widely patronized that it has become one of the leading tanning bed manufacturers in the United States.

But how do you get the most out of your Solar Storm tan bed? Here are a few tips for maximizing your time in your tanning bed.

1. Follow only the prescribed tanning routine. You may be tempted to spend a little more time in your tanning bed than your doctor or your personal trainer has recommended, thinking that you’ll get a darker tan in a shorter time. That’s just not how it works! Tanning is a gradual process, it’s slow and tedious for a good reason!

Darkening the skin naturally comes with extended exposure to the sun: a process the tanning bed seeks to reproduce. And in, fact, does efficiently reproduce! The stronger the light on your tanning bed, the more it resembles the light of the midday sun. Unfortunately, extended exposure to the midday sun is not at all healthy for the body. Health experts declare that the only “safe” time to expose oneself to the sun is before 10 AM. If you’re originally from a cold country, and you happen to be seeking a natural tan in a tropical region, you may wish to retire into shaded areas even earlier than 10 AM!

This is because overexposure to the sun means an increased risk of developing skin diseases – among the worst of which is melanoma, the most severe form of skin cancer. The best way to get a good tan is to set your timer only as your fitness trainer has told you!

2. Make sure to apply your tanning lotion evenly. An even tan requires an even layer of protection. Think of it as a liquid shield against the dangers of skin diseases. The stronger the light you expose yourself to, the stronger your lotion’s SPF level should be. And the stronger the light on your tanning bed, the more important it is to apply your protective lotion all over your body!

3. Make use of the multimedia functions. Tanning requires that you sit, stand or lay still – this could get boring! But not to fear: state of the art tanning beds come with stuff that will help you beat the boredom. A modern tan bed, even a Solar Storm tan bed, usually comes with at least a music player. This will keep you company while you enjoy your gradual tan. provides you with information on how to determine what the best solar storm tan bed [] are and where you can get your tanning bed supplies.

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