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Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, then I’m sure you have heard about the Japanese Hair Straightening system. It’s a procedure which permanently straightens your hair, using chemicals and heat.

Although the process goes by many names, such as Japanese Thermal Hair Straightening, Japanese Straight Perm, and Japanese Permanent Hair Straightening; everyone knows that it all means one thing: gorgeous hair!

Japanese Hair Straightening Process is a lengthy one, usually lasting anywhere from five to seven hours in an established Japanese hair straightening salon. You can expect to get your hair washed, heated, dried, ironed; and then washed, heated, dried, ironed; and then washed, heated, … well you get the idea. And your new look doesn’t come cheap. How about forking over $500 to $1,000’s for one single treatment. All for the sake of beauty.

Well, now that you’ve jumped in head first, here’s how you can manage your new locks. For the first three days, you want to stay away from water, steam, mist, dew… or anything that is remotely related to moisture. Failure to heed this advice may cause your hair to revert to it’s original texture.

Expect to come back for additional treatments after six to eight months. The new growth has to be chemically processed to match the rest of the hair. Other than that, your hair will be pretty much maintenance free. However, remember that once you get this treatment, you will not be able to curl your hair. The only way to reverse the process, is to let your hair grow out naturally and discontinue getting touch ups.

Also, make sure you protect your hair from the sun, and invest in a quality hair moisturizer. Avoid coloring your hair for a couple of months, and give yourself plenty of deep conditioning and oil treatments. If you have to go out in the sun, use SPF hair spray or cover your head.

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