How Important Are Natural Minerals In Our Diet?


There are many important needs of our skin to stay moisturized and give a healthy glow. One of the most vital of these needs is minerals found in the fruits, vegetables and proteins. Some of these most important minerals to keep the skin at its healthiest are zinc, copper, calcium, magnesium, potassium, and even sulfur are all needed by our bodies and skin to be healthy. Although all of these minerals can be found in the wide variety supplement forms, it is always best to make sure to choose such foods which are rich in vitamins and minerals.

Mostly minerals work directly with certain vitamins for providing better skin nourishment and helps keep the skin supple. When there are the proper proportions of zinc, copper and vitamin C working together, there then will be the firm, supple healthy skin. Since minerals can not be produced by our bodies, there must be the proper mineral diet intake of various fruits and vegetables to keep from becoming mineral deficient. There is no doubt that minerals are definitely a vital need to the best overall health, and there needs to be the proper knowledge for the most proper foods for healthy mineral intake.

When wanting to make sure of reduced skin dryness, there will be a fuller hydrated appearance if the mineral of calcium is at the body’s most optimum intake. Calcium is found in milk and milk based food products, such as soft to hard cheeses, butter, cottage cheese, and cream cheese. Potassium is a mineral found in bananas along with several other healthy foods, but bananas is one of those foods that does your skin well on the inside and out. Very ripe mashed bananas for example, can be applied to the facial and neck skin areas just to make a wonderful skin mask for giving the skin a healthy glow.

If acne is your problem, then the mineral of magnesium will correct these types of skin issues. Enriched magnesium is connected directly to anti-aging and youthfulness. Some of the best foods containing magnesium are green leafy vegetables, wheat germ, pineapple, all kinds of nuts and the seeds of sun flowers and pumpkin seeds.

The mineral of copper is a vital part of skin in the way of providing the collagen that holds our muscle tissue in place. For some of the best foods containing the skin’s natural formation of collagen, there are oysters, good healthy cereals, nuts, potatoes, and certain types of meats do contain some of the daily essential copper requirements.

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