Japanese (Yuko) Hair Straightening

We can say good bye to the salons which burnt a hole in our pockets and also made us servants to flying time. There is reprieve finally and it’s well worth the wait. Yuko Hair Straightening System is the answer to all the fears regarding curly, untamed, dry hair. Yuko Hair Straightening System is being followed like craze in Japan and America, more particularly Los Angeles.

The Japanese system of permanent hair straightening uses the latest heat technology to work on the protein bond of the hair. It restructures the protein bonds by applying heat throughout the process. It uses a 4-5 hour process and amalgamates all the bonds for making the hair shine beautifully and look as sleek as possible. The gloss is there and the film of shine is there for all to be dazzled with.

The coating uses a non coating straightening system for the purpose of sealing and rebuilding hair from the inside. This makes the hair firm and completely altered in structure. Naturally, this results in the curls and the dryness vanishing completely. Heat can mold the hair in any shape after cutting the Cystine from the hair.

Invented thirteen years ago by Japanese national Ms. Yuko, the hair straightening system uses the Phi-Ten iron to build temperature in excess of 300 degrees. We have already discussed how temperature can create the desired effect. The straightening system from Japan uses electricity present in the form of ions in the body to cut the Cystine bond. Next, it uses shark oil and mixes it with the process of steaming rather than directly heating the hair.

Yuko hair straightening system is based on the fact that hair can look glossy and shine despite being repaired. We had an idea that to look good, the hair needed to be damaged a little; after all, it had to pass through damaging processes.

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