Natural Mineral Makeup – The Best Waterproof Makeup for Summer


Natural mineral makeup just may be your best makeup for the summer. Mineral makeup hit Hollywood and the rest of the United States a few years ago, but many women don’t fully understand how great Mineral Makeup can be for summer water fun.

Mineral makeup is made of natural minerals from the earth, the main two ingredients being titanium dioxide and zinc oxide.

Titanium dioxide is a light, water proof mineral that is ground to a very fine powder and is the most prominent ingredient in the makeup. Because titanium dioxide lays lightly on the skin in tiny plates it covers the pores in the skin and shields them from bacteria feeding moisture. This incredible feature of mineral makeup has gained it the nick name of “acne fighting makeup” by dermatologists world wide.

Titanium dioxide is also non-absorbable in water, thus it is water proof and perfect to maintain a beautiful complexion at the beach or the pool. Imagine being able to dive into a pool of cool clear water, or playing in the ocean at the beach while still maintaining the same beautiful, finished look that your makeup had when you first put it on that morning.

Mineral Makeup also will not run off your face from sweat, this again because it is non-absorbable in water and will not be absorbed by sweat to run off your face. This makes it perfect for other summer sports such as hiking, mountain biking, horse riding, etc.

Zinc oxide, the second ingredient in mineral makeup, is a natural full spectrum sun screen that is commonly used in other sun screen products world wide. The zinc oxide makes mineral makeup a natural sun screen. SPF is 25. It is o.k. to wear additional sun screen under the makeup for added summer sun protection.

To sum things up, Mineral makeup is all natural, fights acne, a natural sunscreen, waterproof, and perfect for summer sports and beach wear.

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