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The majority of men and women will do anything to prevent thinning hair because of the emotional trauma that can occur from it. There are various routes this can take, surgical and pharmaceutical.

Thinning Hair Symptoms

Pattern baldness in men and women is a real issue. Women can notice a dramatic increase of lost hair, either through brushing or general washing. This is at its worst along the part line. Men on the other hand can experience the receding hair line along the temples leaving a V shaped forehead. This can potentially progress until only the sides remain.

Thinning hair causes

Apart from any hereditary reasons, there are also several other factors that can cause thinning hair.

  • Excessive washing and blow drying can cause the hair to be weakened and thus easier to break.
  • Rough brushing will also lead to hair loss, knots must be worked out and not ripped out.
  • Some hairstyles can lead to weak hair and a change or reduced use of these may be needed. Braids and pony tails are prime examples.
  • Hormone levels will also contribute to weak hair. This sometimes occurs during pregnancy or women using birth control and the menopause.
  • Male hormone imbalance will also contribute to thinning hair. A present male hormone DHT-Dihydrotestosterone attacks the hair follicles by shrinking them.

How to Prevent Thinning HairNow that we have identified the main causes and symptoms, we can attempt to identify the best prevention method. A generic balanced healthy lifestyle can assist in maintaining your hair quality.

Eating a healthy diet with a focus on Vitamin B – Biotin and Inositol have been identified to strengthen and improve hair growth. Regular exercise and massaging the scalp area will increase the blood flow and stimulate growth in those specific areas.

Your choice of hairstyle can directly affect the condition of your hair. Use your wisdom and do not use too much hair styling product. See a doctor to establish the presence of DHT and check your hormone levels.

The main reason for thinning hair is usually explained by your body’s chemical balance, both male and female. Use a natural treatment to stimulate growth and block certain hormones from your hair follicles.

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