Some Recipes of Homemade Pore Strips


Pore strip, which is a type of skin care product, is strongly recommended to help people to clean their pores. Its convenience and celerity which can make skin look delicate has gained people’s affections.

Someone may think pore strips are more harmful to skin than their benefits. They are not as good as their publicity. What they really do is to enlarge your pores basically, which causes more oil. Although you can see some oil come off when they are peeled off your nose, they also take a lot of good moisture out of your skin at the same time and make your skin thinner. After you rip off black heads you skin is also supposed to be cleaned, but then the oil and dirt will get into your bigger pores. Many products have added ingredients such as tea tree oil, which would irritate your skin and make your skin become sensitive.

The key point of this product is to use the right type, and with the wrong type, it will hurt your skin. Thus, in the following some right recipes are introduced to tell you about how to make different types of easy-made and effectual pore strips.

1. The most easy-going type

The only ingredient needed in this type is Elmer’s washable glue. Apply a thin layer over your nose, or anywhere you want to be cleaned. Peel it off after ten or fifteen minutes. This is the easiest way to clean blackheads. Remember to test it before you put it on your face.

2. Gelatin and water type

Mix the two ingredients together, which are unflavored gelatin and hot water, and then stir them to create a paste like honey, neither too thick nor too thin. Here you get what you want. You can either use it to your skin directly or spread it on a piece of paper.

3. Gelatin and milk type

In the above recipes, substitute milk for the water, and then you can get the gelatin and milk mixture. They can help you to remove blackheads and whiten your skin at the same time.

4. Egg white type

This is one type which can be instantly used. First of all, separate the egg whites from yolks. Thoroughly whip the egg white until it becomes foamy. Wipe it to your face with a brush. And then place some tissue papers over your face. After that, apply some more egg white to the papers on your face. When it becomes dry completely, peel it off carefully.

With such several types, you can clean your pores properly without hurting your skin. If you want to clean your skin, go and have a try now.

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