Stopping Hair Loss With Natural Remedies


There are tons of treatments and remedies for hair loss and finding one, which will work for you can get confusing with so many varied options. However, there are a few natural remedies, which can help in hair loss prevention and promote healthy hair growth. These natural remedies include external application of herbal oils and other hair growth boosting ingredients, along with massage to the scalp in order to rejuvenate it. This article will aim to show you some of the best natural remedies to help you work towards your hair loss problem.

Mother nature provides us with an abundant of natural remedies for hair loss. It’s our loss that we fail to recognize these simple, yet efficient ways to regain lost hair. One of the easiest ways to put a stop to hair loss is by massaging your head with olive oil and Castor oil separately, and preferably leave it overnight. Do this for 10 days and you should see a noticeable change in the quality of your hair. Also, if you are comfortable with a bit of uneasiness for the sake of your hair, take 2-3 garlic cloves and squeeze the juice onto your head and massage it in. Leave it overnight and shower in the morning. Since garlic contains sulphur, which is needed by your hair to grow, you might even see re-growth if you do it regularly for a few weeks. Even though natural oils help a lot in stopping hair loss on the long term, you should also try out some potentially powerful and very useful herbal remedies for external application to your scalp.

Herbal remedies come and go but some stay on, proving that they are here to stay. Aloe vera happens to be one of the extremely potent herbal remedies out there for hair loss. No wonder it has been used by some of the Indian tribes of Mexico, who have thick and healthy hair, because of their regular use of the aloe vera gel. A common belief among herbalists is that aloe vera contains superoxide; an enzyme when mixed with nitric oxide stimulates hair re-growth in men suffering from male pattern baldness. The second herbal remedy that is highly effective comes from onion/allium cepa. This contains high sulphur content, which is believed to heal hair roots and encourage re-growth. The third herbal remedy we will be looking into is red pepper/capsicum. Although this is a popular folk remedy, it is worth giving a try – apply red pepper to your scalp. It acts as a skin irritant and draws blood & nutrients to your scalp encouraging the release of histamines; this stimulates hair growth and cell division.

Hair loss has always been ignored people suffering from it until it becomes severe. This happens mainly because they don’t know how to exactly deal with it. However, as we have explored here, hair loss with a bit of discipline and regular treatment can very well be taken care of, for good. Natural remedies including oils and herbal cures might be slow in giving results but on the long term you will be amazed to see your hair loss being completely cured. It is simply about taking action and persevering towards your goal of having a head full of thick, healthy, flowing hair.

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