A Look at Japanese Platform Beds


Platform beds, in general, are great for their simple lines, Zen-like low profile, one-mattress compatibility, and wide availability of styles. You can buy a very boxy platform bed with no headboard or footboard, a more contemporary “bow” platform bed with modernist leg systems, a Japanese-style bed with slightly-curved lines reminiscent of the Han dynasty, and hundreds more. You can even get special “tatami mats” made of straw – a Japanese mat for keeping people and objects separated from the floor or, in this case, from the bed frame.

An interesting note on tatami mats: the Japanese have certain rules regarding the laying out of tatami mats. For example, tatami mats must not be made in a crosshatching manner. Also, the mats, when more than one is laid on the floor, must flow in similar directions. Another rule is that no mats may be touching when on the floor. Tatami mats for beds are similar, in that, if you have a queen or king bed where two tatami mats are placed between frame and mattress, the two mats should not touch.

Japanese platform beds are known for their gently swooping lines, reminiscent of the architectural phenomena of pagodas, or the curved armor applications in traditional Samurai warrior garb. The gentle curves, in tandem with the straight, Zen-like lines, are said to promote well-being, healing, and just general good fortune.

You should expect to pay at least a few hundred dollars for any of the many available good Japanese platforms beds out there. Some will cost in the thousands or tens of thousands, depending on how meticulous the manufacturer or artisan is. Is it worth it? Millions of people worldwide seem to think so.

Platform Beds Info [http://www.e-platformbeds.com] provides detailed information about contemporary, Japanese, discount, and wood platform beds and platform storage beds, as well as platform bed frames and plans. Platform Beds Info is the sister site of Futons Web [http://www.WetPluto.com/An-Introduction-to-Futons.html].

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