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If you’re looking for fun and cute things to collect then look no further than Japan for inspiration. Collecting things is a big part of popular Japanese culture and competition is fierce to have the newest, cutest or coolest item to add to your collection. There are lots of ideas for things you could collect but be warned – once you start this hobby can become addictive!

Japanese erasers are an inexpensive and easy thing to collect. If you think erasers are boring then you’re probably thinking of the type you used in school. Japanese collectible erasers are cute, fun and made in every shape possibly imaginable, with minute attention to detail. Miniature food items are particularly popular and look good enough to eat – who could resist a miniature slice of cake, hamburger or piece of sushi in eraser form? Japanese erasers are widely available from online stores and are very inexpensive so it’s easy to start your collection and keep it going.

Action figures are also a popular thing to collect in Japan and you can choose any type you’re interested in from cute girls to action fighting anime heroes. Figures range from small inexpensive versions that are purchased from vending ‘gashapon’ machines to large highly detailed and expensive models. Try stores specializing in Japanese merchandise or eBay to start your collection.

If you’re into comic books then manga is the obvious thing to collect. These Japanese comic books are read by everyone in Japan from school boys and girls to business men and housewives. As you can imagine, they come in a wide range of subjects with each series containing several sets of manga. The most popular stories have been translated into English and are readily available from bookstores and online stores in the USA and Europe but if you really want to be hardcore, you can also order the original Japanese versions.

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