How to Plant Japanese Blood Grass

Also known as Imperator Cylindrical, Japanese blood grass is an ornamental grass variety and is mostly used for landscaping gardens. With its bright-red colour spiked blades, the grass looks stunning when planted along with other bright coloured flowers. During the winter season, the colour changes to a more sober brown that lends your garden a unique forested look.

The below mentioned easy to use tips will help you grow and take care of the Japanese blood grass.

1. Obtaining Blood Grass: Although a number of grass varieties can be planted simply by borrowing from a neighbouring garden, acquiring established blood grass is not recommended as it does not grow well. It is better to buy a few containers of blood grass from a nursery. Two or three containers will be enough for a fairly large sized garden.

2. Planting the Grass: The first step is to choose a spot that receives adequate sunlight, just enough to help the plant grow but not too much. The soil should be quick-draining. Next, use a spade to dig a few holes. The holes should be dug around one foot apart and should be wide enough to easily accommodate the plant.

Take the grass out of the container extremely gently and place it in the hole. It is recommended that you tap the container a few times while taking out the grass to avoid putting unnecessary burden on the young plant. Once you’ve place the grass in the hole, start filling it with the extracted soil. Water the grass to keep the soil around the plant wet.

3. Increasing the Growth Speed: To increase the speed of growth, manual treatment is recommended. This should be done only after two weeks of planting the grass. To do this, simply use a scoop to dig through the middle of the grass cluster so as to separate the rhizomes. Plant the separated clump at a different place to fasten the growth process. Repeat the process with other clumps to cover the entire garden.

4. Caring for the Grass: Trimming the grass is recommended before the spring season. While trimming, simply cut-off the top part of the grass. Cutting should not be done during the winter season. Blood grass does not require fertilizers and everyday watering should be enough to ensure good results.

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