Japanese Baths – The New Corner Baths

Japanese bath tubs are superb for small corner baths. The Japanese have a long history of enjoying baths compared to westerners. Due to their lengthy experience with bath taking, there are pleasant features to installing a Japanese style corner bath. For some, the bath tub makes a huge impact on the décor of the bathroom.

For smaller bathrooms, Japanese tubs work very well. They are deeper for soaking and smaller than the typical western style tub. This makes them perfectly situated for corner baths and small bathrooms alike. Another nice feature is that the tubs are designed to be filled to where the water reaches the neckline.

This is ideal for simply relaxing and clearing the mind of all the day’s worries. Western tubs generally do not fill up that deeply. Japanese tubs hold a much hotter water temperature, also, which makes for luxurious baths.

Another tidbit to consider; Japanese tubs are not actually for bathing. What does that mean? Well, the tub itself is designed for soaking and not bathing. It is customary to shower, as most people like to do anyway. The Japanese tub is typically used for soaking after a shower once the body is nice and clean. Again, the water temperature is usually very hot which is very relaxing.

In corner baths, this is soothing to be in a little tucked away spot at peace. The Japanese tub is often used for the relaxation of stressed muscles. In Japan, bath houses are common and they are used by the public as a resource for soothing themselves.

Although it is a Japanese custom to shower prior to using the soaking tub, westerners do not necessarily follow that tradition. It is quite common to find that the Japanese corner baths [http://cornerbaths.org] in western homes is used as a regular tub for bathing, also. A corner bath [http://cornerbaths.org/corner-baths-take-up-much-less-space-than-typical-tubs/] takes up much less space than typical shower tub assemblies.

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