Japanese Painted Fern – Simplified Planting Directions


Effortless Directions

Ferns love the shade therefore this perennial plant needs to be planted in a rich, damp soil in partial to full shade. The Japanese painted fern is slow growing perennial plant that forms clusters that gradually increases in size over a number of years. The fronds are deciduous which means they die back when touched by a hard frost and because it’s a perennial plant the Japanese Painted Fern will return in the spring.

To plant a fern, follow these simple steps:

1). Select a shady spot in your garden or yard.
2). Prepare a deep planting hole 2 X’s the size of root ball. (Very important because plant spreads by rhizomes)
3). If roots are pot bound,(tightly coiled) loosen up the roots very carefully.
4). Fill it with plenty of compost or shredded leaves.
5). Add a few small stones to improve drainage, if you like.
6). Spreading out the roots, place the plant in the ground.
7). Firm the soil around it.
8). Water well, avoid over watering as this may lead to root rot.


  • A. Your plant should thrive for years with little attention.
  • B. If your soil is poor, apply organic compost and mulch from time to time.
  • C. In dry periods, make sure to keep the soil moist.
  • D. Most people will let the plants grow naturally.
  • E. You can prune dead or damaged leaves(also called fronds).
  • F. Avoid high nitrogen fertilizers, high nitrogen fertilizer is detrimental to ferns.
  • G. Once plant is established (1-3 years, root divisions can be done anytime to increase your plant numbers.

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