Vacuum Cleaner Review

Since vacuum cleaners have become affordable at the end of the Second World War, companies who want to get a share of the market have come up with various models for the consumer to use.

There are models from China and Japan that are cheap and lightweight to those from the United States or Germany that are heavy duty.

Can anyone say one brand is better than the other? Not really because this still boils down to where the vacuum cleaner will be used.

One of things to look for in a vacuum cleaner will then be consistency. Some machines are no longer inoperable after using it for a short period of time. Those produced by Miele in Germany boasts of being one of the best in the market that doesn’t break easily.

This company has been in the business for more than 60 years coming up with other products such as dishwashers, cleaning products and coffee systems with its goods being sold in Europe and in the United States.

Another company that can deliver excellent products and service is the company known as Electrolux that has offices around the world. The firm holds a 25% market share in the home appliances industry satisfying customers during cooking, while working on the laundry and cleaning around the home.

Nobody can forget Hoover, which many claim to be synonymous with vacuum cleaner similar to how Xerox is well associated with copying machines. This company has been around for almost a hundred years and has produced appliances that are lightweight and dependable especially for women who have nothing to do at home.

People should also not count the British out. Dyson is one company that is new in the market but is already making waves. The vacuum cleaner produced by this firm doesn’t require filter bags since dust that is sucked in comes out as fresh air.

There is always gold at the end of the Rainbow and this company can give the customer that with the unique filtration system in each of its vacuum cleaners. It has a water canister in its housing which will be drained when it is full so this can be used again to capture dust and dirt in the home.

These are just a few examples of vacuum cleaners that can be purchased in the market. The person can check out an appliance store or contact one of the dealers for a free demo that will surely aid the customer in choosing the right one for the home.

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