Wedding Favors: Look to History for Ideas

The history of offering wedding favors to the departing guests dates back centuries. It is said that in the 16th and 17th centuries love knots made of lace and ribbon were given as wedding favors to English wedding guests. Other European countries gave small boxes made of porcelain or gold with sweet treats tucked inside. Malaysian history has wedding guests receiving eggs to represent the fertility of the new couple. Spanish couples give orange blossoms while Italians prefer to distribute chocolate candy filled with almonds. Middle Eastern countries give each department guest five Jordan almonds to represent the wishes for wealth, health, happiness, fertility and longevity of the guest and the new couple. The Dutch gives five pieces of bridal sugar, each piece represents the same values as the Middle Eastern Jordan almonds. Russia and Japan prefer small sachets to rid the air of evil or bad luck spirits.

Perhaps by combining elements from more than one culture will result in some new and unique wedding favors. Consider finding small birds nests at the craft store and putting in them light blue five Jordan almonds so it looks like a small robin’s nest. Italian biscotti and coffee samplers with personalized catchy labels like “perfect blend – marriage roast” will bring smiles to guests. Theme specific soaps, sachets, or lotions will be appreciated by female guests while mini-bottles of liquor with personalized gift tags attached will appeal to males and females alike.

Lucky Fortune trinkets also make great wedding favors. Fortune cookies, scratch lottery tickets, key chains with lucky Asian symbols, mini books on palm reading, zoology, dreams, or even tarot cards could add to the lucky motif.

Finally, consider making a special batch of spice rub (perhaps using Emeril’s recipe) and put it into individual bottles with a label that says something like “perfect blend” and reflects the wedding couple or the general wedding theme. Any or all of these ideas for wedding favors will not only make a great impression on the guests, but will provide a fun and thoughtful thank you as well.

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