Elite Power Families and Their Capitalization of America

Some people fault the wealthy families in the United States and say they are elitists and exploit the people for their own profits, power and pleasure. Yet, those who make such accusations often fail to see how much these families have contributed to the economic growth and growing of the middle class in America. Recently this was debated in an online think tank when one think tanker stated;

“I am not faulting those in high power for the advances that they have given us, I am faulting them for their exclusionary tactics that restrict the power, wealth and opportunity to their close knit fellows.”

You should see how bad it is in Japan? But if you do fault them you would be wiser to fault the bureaucracy and not the men that manipulate it. It is human nature to manipulate things and you should expect humans to do this. Fault the system which is corrupt, not the men who fill the seats in that corrupt system.

And while you are at it fault yourself for demanding more laws, which grow the bureaucracy as when you do you are hurting your cause and helping the power elite. I suppose they are laughing at you now. In all your sound and fury really you are assisting them and guaranteeing them more decades of easy going barriers to entry from competition. Do you know who loses?

The people because they do not get the benefits of efficiencies, economies of scale and the price points which competition delivers to free markets. I am sure if they saw you were serious about your comments that they would fund you to continue your fervor in demanding justice, which will continue to serve their will. Not the will of the people. But there is a way to help both at the same time without crying in one’s milk. In fact there really is plenty of room at the table for everyone to eat, but you should not try to cut a 747 Jumbo Jet out of the pattern with a J-3 Piper Cub. Consider this in 2006.

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