Give The Gift Of Direction To Drivers This Holiday Season

Just in time for the holiday season. Many companies, manufacturers, and businesses are trying their very best to make sure that their products would be ready for the market just in time for the holiday rush. It would be even better if these products would be available a couple of weeks before the holidays start seeping into our systems. I do know a couple of friends who are still waiting for a new design for those Ford truck parts that they have been eyeing as well as those Rancho shocks that they need.

But I do know one company that offers automotive products that has certainly sent out their products just right for the holiday season. The Clarion Corporation of America. And Clarion has sent out two of its newest products for the auto industry. One is the NAX970HD high performance navigation unit while the other one is the MAX675VD 2-DIN A/V source unit. Both of these products are surely going to take in huge chunks of the market especially with many consumers interested in purchasing gifts for their friends, their loved ones, and even for themselves.

Clarion produces its products in Japan and in the mentioned country, this company is already known and had made its mark as one of the giants when it comes to mobile navigation. You see, its new product, the NAX970HD navigation unit actually is a milestone for the company. After all, this unit is the very first of its kind in the Clarion range that would be meeting up with the North American auto market. This one has got high speed technology as well as a 3D menu interface for easy use.

On this, Adam Thomas, the vice president of Clarion Corporation of America’s marketing department, says, “Users will instantly realize Clarion’s high performance advantage, whether operating the system’s ultra cool 3D menu or when simply calculating a route. This is just a glimpse of how our products continue to offer innovative and technologically enriched features to improve the consumer experience in mobile environments.”

If you are interested in purchasing one, you may do such a thing. But make sure that you have some $1,199.99 ready for each of the units.

Terry Brown is a 32 year old from Houston Texas, and an enthusiast for anything auto-related. He currently writes auto-related articles for several publications. You can visit Ford truck parts or Rancho shocks for more information.

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