Japanese Chin – Facts You Must Know Before Adopting A Japanese Chin

Breed Description

Commonly referred to as the Japanese Spaniel, the Japanese Chin is a toy dog with distinctive heritage. This breed is both a companion dog and a lap dog of the Japanese royalty. This little breed weighs an average between 7-10 pounds, and stands 20-27 inches tall at the withers.


The coat of the Japanese Chin is thick, long, silky, and straight. Their tails and ears are feathered, with fur more profuse around the chest and neck. Their fine coats stand off their bodies. Coat colors include white with patches of yellow, sable, black, orange, red, and brindle.


The breed does not require a great deal of exercise. Daily walks or play sessions keeps them happy. They would do well in an apartment setting, although, they will also enjoy having the chance to play and roam freely in a securely fenced yard.


The breed is playful, intelligent, and alert. They enjoy following their owners around, happily playing with them. They get along with almost everybody, such as other animals, children, or even strangers. They may at times seem to have strong personality, but they are generally sensitive and well-mannered.


The lively little breed has a refined appearance, with profuse coat. This affectionate breed is meticulously clean, and can even be compared to a cat with their habits and cleanliness.


The long coat of the breed requires daily brushing and combing to keep it from tangling. Lessons from a professional groomer are recommended as combing this breed should be done in a particular manner. Bathing should only be done when absolutely necessary and occasional dry shampooing. The ears and eyes require cleaning and needs to be checked daily. This short-muzzled breed is prone to respiratory diseases.


The breed is generally intelligent, with the willingness to please its owner, making training much easier than most of the other toy breeds. But, owners should keep in mind that this breed can be willful and stubborn. Training should be started early on when they are can still learn basic obedience and begin housebreaking as well.

Early socialization for the breed is advised. This is of high importance especially if there are small kids at home with this breed. Even if the breed gets along well with other animals, it is still recommended to start socialization and training as early as possible. They are generally not aggressive, but will get along fine with other pets if they are given the opportunity to be around them.


The dainty Japanese chin has an inquisitive appearance, with Oriental exterior. This lively and high stepping breed is indeed a true aristocrat, originally bred to be a companion dog, up to the present.

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