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As a child I have joyfully played with home video game systems. As a woman I have never really been interested in video games. Even though I do warmly miss the semi-antique Atari 2600 and 7800s.

With the development of the XBOX 360 Microsoft has brought the Game System World into a whole new reality! This hot little box can do just about anything a professional gamer would expect and more!

Not only will you be able to play games, you will play them in High-Definition. Listen to digital music, look at your favorite photos and videos. Not excluding DVD’s. You will be able to stream H-D television and movies directly from your Windows Media Center Edition PC to your Xbox 360.

While, enjoy playing your favorite games online, you will also be able to video chat and video message with the Xbox 360 Live Camera,. How KWEL is THAT?!?

When you feel the creative mood stirring inside of you, you can customize your XBOX 360 with the many different Faceplates that will be available!

Here’s what Jonathan Hayes, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 Design Director has to say..

“I think of the design’s iconic gesture as the inhale of a Martial Artist before a burst of power.”

But to get the real feel and knowledge of the XBOX 360 watch the Press Conference Photostory, go to. [] The video is less than 5 minutes in length.

Microsoft has brazenly announced they are after the Female market and this is one female who must say that they are definitely on track with that goal!

They have kindled my interest in the world of gaming systems. Even I, Terri Wells want one!
November 22nd, 2005 is the Official Launch date of Microsoft’s Xbox 360 into the North America, Europe, and Japan market. The retail price will be $299.99 for the Core System and $399.99 for the Platinum System.

I was happy to discover [] where easy installment pay is welcomed, so you will not miss out this Christmas Season!

The XBOX 360 is One HOT Piece of Gaming Entertainment Console All-In-One!

Terri Wells 2005


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