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I found out about this ESP book from an advertisement in the Singapore Straits Times back in 1995, with a caption that said “the ESP Power will bring you happiness,success & good fortune”. I’m a Buddhist but due to my curiosity of this mysterious power, I made an appointment with Mr Tsujimoto, a ESP Super Willpower instructor in Singapore, and paid a visit at his office.

In his office, Mr Tsujimoto spent some time explaining to me what the “ESP Super Willpower” is. Since I’m open minded to any belief or power which could bring about happiness not only to myself but also to the whole mankind, I bought the ESP book with the hope to fully understand what this power is.

So what is this “ESP Super Willpower”, or “Cho-Nen-Riki” as referred to by the Japanese?

In the ESP Book, the “ESP Super Willpower” is described as an energy that is derived from the heart of the universe. There are many forms of cosmic energies which exist in the universe, some are positive while some are negative. But the ESP power mentioned by Dr Katao Ishii in the ESP book is the cosmic energy or cosmic ray that would bring happiness to mankind. Acquiring this happiness would subsequently lead to improvement in health and success in whatever we wish to accomplish.

From reading the ESP book, you’ll realized that this cosmic energy was discovered by a Dr Katao Ishii on a fateful day – February 1975 in Japan. When he received this power, he was actually in a state of shock. But intuitively he felt that this was a message from God; and the message was telling him to use this newly discovered power to help his fellow mankind. Since then, Dr Katao Ishii has been demonstrating & sharing this cosmic energy with many people through his lectures in Japan, USA and Korea. He has also set up a ESP Research Institute in Tokyo, Japan.

In the ESP book, you’ll also understand that to receiving this “ESP Super Willpower” or cosmic energy is rather simple. As along as you possess an item (eg. the ESP book) infused with this cosmic energy, simply align your true heart (Magokoro) with the heart of the universe and you’ll receive happiness from this energy. It’s also mentioned that by just pressing the gold symbol on the cover of the ESP book to any parts of your body experiencing aches and pains, such aches & pains would be relieved after a while.

There are many anecdotes in the ESP book where people shared about the blessings and help they received from this cosmic energy. Although I found some of these stories too “amazing” with respect to the power of such a mysterious energy from the universe, I’m rather touched that by Dr Katao is a genuine person who has a heart to want to heal people’s sufferings. He believed that he is the medium to transmit this unique “happy” energy to heal mankind of such miseries. Such a benevolvent act of Dr Katao Ishii towards helping mankind is indeed heart-warming.

One thing about the ESP book is that Dr Katao Ishii didn’t really provide a scientific reason for the origin of the cosmic energy. But miracles do happen in our daily lives where there’s also no scientific explanation.

Be open-minded when you read this wonderful book & discovered how this “cosmic energy” has changed so many people’s lives in Japan.

For more information about the “ESP Super Willpower” or cosmic energy and the ESP Book, you can visit this web-site [] In the web-site, you’ll also be able to find some light-hearted articles concerning the ESP cosmic energy and also a forum where you can share your good experiences from using the ESP products with others.

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