Ways to Tell If a Gent’s Watch is of High Quality Or Not


There are many different types of gents’ watches available for purchase on the market today. Today we are going to be looking at two of the different ways to tell if the watch is of good condition or not. The first then to do when trying to see if a timepiece is in good condition or not is to look at the watch face, this will tell you more about the watch than you know.

The watch face is where all of magic is displayed for the owner to see, without it there would be no way of knowing exactly what was going on in the case. A sure way of telling a quality watch is to look and see what kind of material the face is made of. If it is of sapphire crystal or something similar than there is a good chance that this is a high end watch. On the other hand if the watch has a glass face then this is probably just a regular wrist watch.

Also if the watch face is scratched then this is a good indication that this is a lower quality watch as most high end watch faces are scratch resistant. Another indicator of a good quality gent watch is the watch band. The watch band will tell you how much wear and tear the watch has endured over the years, especially if it is a leather, alligator, or other animal hide.

If the watch band appears to be frayed or cracked then this is a sure sign that the watch has not been taken care of and the price needs to be marked down accordingly. Another sign of a lower quality timepiece is the stitching. Watch band stitching can either be done by a machine which will leave imperfections or be hand sewn by a master craftsman, you want the timepiece with the hand sewn watch band not the manufactured one.

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