Access to the Creative Flow

Imagine what you call reality as being the images of a movie on a screen, the source being a “realistic” scenario inside the projector you are.

Without this “SHIFT” we continue to be the slaves of an illusion of “reality” and the victims of our cultural overlays.
To illustrate how those overlays shape the energy around us I will take the example of a very deep evidence we all share : the fact that we have to work to get money…

When I started to work with storytelling I was still accepting a percentage of reality as being independent of my creative power. So when I wanted something, I was building a story where I had to go through the idea of “WORKING” to produce the result I was looking for.

One day, as I was looking at the flowing landscape through the window of a train, this illusion melted like the trees I was watching. I realized then that this apparent causal link between WORK and MONEY was a collective overlay that some people translate by the idea that MONEY DO NOT FALL FROM THE SKY…

Why not allow money fall from the sky be a realistic option?

Personally I am not very interested in a story in which money fall from the sky because I do not feel money as the ultimate bliss in my storyteller experience and I know much more fun processes to realize my dreams. What I accessed during my “illumination” in the train was a wider perspective : I did not have to think first about work to bring my heart desires to reality, what I had to do was just to focus directly on my real target.

Here is an illustration of the way this is working.
Last summer, I felt the strong urge to attend two spiritual workshops in the US, one was in July and the other in August. I did not question nor bargained this inspiration, I immediately booked my air flights and the hotels without any consideration of the costs from Japan being quite expensive. As planned I went to the States and had a very good time, I choose a fun car at the Airport and stayed in hotels that looked attractive to me. Day by day I kept building my story on my worthiness as an embodied being. It’s just a logic application of the belief I have that I choose to be in this 3D world to do whatever gives me fun.

Back to Japan, I got a phone call asking me to be the model in an advertising campaign and the retribution for the WORK covered amply the expenses of my two trips! I use the word WORK but the only thing I had to do was to wear fun clothes, stand in front of a very good cameraman and smile…That was my first experience of modeling.

The objective of this article is not to give techniques for building a new reality, it is about awakening the awareness of the overlays that keep energy trapped in what people call “reality”.

All religions and all spiritual techniques go through baptisms or initiation processes symbolic of death and rebirth…Those rituals are designed to break the overlays constituting the “old man” to allow the unlimited power of the “spirit” to express in total freedom.
If we keep even an once of the old overlay, the whole pattern will rebuild automatically , and the rebirth process will even work against our freedom, reinforcing the whole overlays system.

This danger is perfectly described in this parable from the Bible (Matt. 9):
“No one patches an old cloak with a piece of unshrunken cloth,for its fullness pulls away from the cloak and the tear gets worse.
People do not put new wine into old wineskins. Otherwise the skins burst, the wine spills out, and the skins are ruined. Rather, they pour new wine into fresh wineskins, and both are preserved.”

It looks so simple, so easy, so close to us, why do not more of us remember our total freedom?

Because we are afraid.
We are so accustomed to rely on the world around us for the feeling of safety it gives us.
We used to rely on our parents and family for love, on our teachers for qualification, on our country for identity, on our religions and beliefs for power, on culture for a feeling of humanity and solidarity.
We feel that if we disconnect from it we will go crazy.

This is the big fear of the storyteller.
We feel that the disconnection from the global overlay will make us loose control on ourselves.
And it is one of the the reason why even religions and spiritual movements become enslaving overlays perpetuating the vicious circle. Even spiritual leaders are victims of the overlays.

The most difficult step for all incarnated spirits is not to know how to build new stories
it’s to be able to disconnect from this overlays system creating the illusion of a solid reality…

Are we ready to awaken from the dream?

Are we ready to accept the fear it brings to walk alone?

Are we ready to accept our uniqueness?

Are we ready to accept to be fully in charge?

To answer YES to this question is a radical shift, a choice to swim in open sea with no buoy, an act of full confidence in the benevolent nature of life.

It is the ending of the belief in the need for CONTROL, the beginning of a new way of life I call THE CREATIVE FLOW.

Patrice Julien is a “Lifestyle designer” living in Tokyo. In his books, conferences and talk shows he teaches an empowerment process based on “storytelling” practical techniques inspired from semantic theories and zen practice. Patrice considers his practice as a contribution to the creation of the “NEW EARTH”, a level of reality parallel to the “OLD EARTH” but ruled by a new paradigm actually in a state of emergence. Patrice’s official website is He also develops more in details the ideas presented in this article in his blog “Art of Life Café” at []. To book Patrice Julien for a workshop or to get informations about his work contact his office at

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