Discover Important Lessons The Japanese Earthquake Teaches Us About Being Prepared

The Japanese earthquake makes our blood run cold for the devastation… but what does it teach us about our potential for a “situation” where we live? This article addresses a niche expertise that you will not find anywhere else and is of extreme importance. Keep in mind as you read this article that it focuses on protecting, preserving and saving property that is historically, financially and emotional important to households and businesses. We do not write about health and safety issues, building structural problems, economic matters, etc.

What do you cherish and fear losing? Heirlooms, crystal, collectibles, family history, intellectual property? What items of value would impact your business continuity and how would these items, flying around in an earthquake, affect personal safety?! Not everything is lost or even damaged in an earthquake.

Notice in the photos of earthquake damage that you see on the news and/or the Internet that not all homes, building etc are completely destroyed. In fact there is an epicenter that gets hit hard but even the buildings in the critical area get hit and missed. IT ALWAYS PAYS TO PREPARE in order to:

• Keep things from flying around in the air during the earthquake for personal safety
• Protect important historical items
• Save financially valuable items
• Protect and save emotionally valuable items
• Know ahead of time what will impact your business if you lose it.

Even if you are safe after an earthquake, broken items like glassware, crystal, collectibles, ceramics can make it hazardous to move around and get things done. These broken items of value impact your business continuity and personal safety… and remember, you will be anxious to talk to your insurance adjuster later. So be prepared for that:

* Prepare ahead of time with an inventory of emotional, historical and financially valuable items
* Take photos
* Make copies of documents of ownership, authentication, appraisals etc.. and…
* Keep your copies in another city!

Surprisingly, an easy, fast, do-it-yourself anchoring technique can save you when anchoring down your keepsakes and items of value. See a short practical video and testimonial – info that will help you BIG TIME!

Here’s a real life story you’ll like. A customer who collects Pre-Columbian artifacts took my advice and anchored down his collection out of his shelves with an anchor wax. He stored the rest of the collection in appropriate boxes with proper packing materials. His collection, back 15 years ago, was appraised at over $3 million. He lives in Northridge California.

Within a year of taking action, the Northridge Earthquake hit and he was at the epicenter. Not one of the items was broken! But then, take note of this! He went to his insurance company, Lloyds of London and told them how he took action to prevent damage. They lowered his premiums by 30%.

Apply this example to your family’s collectibles and family history items at home or consider the value of items in the workplace and you can readily see that “value” can be defined as financial, historical or emotional. What would you regret loosing? If you lost key, creative and intellectual property, would your business survive?

Take note, Japanese ancestors are calling out to warn us all.

Scott M. Haskins has worked in both Europe and the U.S. as a professional conservator since 1975. He has years of experience planning for and responding after earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, mold, fire and everyday home accidents and is the author of “How to Save Your Stuff from a Disaster,” ([]) a non-technical book with instructions on how to protect and save important documents, photos and other items not covered by insurance He wrote a booklet on “How To Respond After an Earthquake” of which the Bank of America Corporation distributed over 500,000 through their Human Resource Depts after the Northridge Earthquake.

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