Do You Want to Learn Japanese Quickly? 3 Questions That You Need to Ask Yourself

Everyone would like to learn Japanese quickly. However, only a few people will do it. Why? Because they have required skills and characteristics to do it. Are you one of these people? Ask yourself these three questions!

1. Are you really devoted?

People who learn languages quickly can do it because they are REALLY devoted to learning a new language. They spend a lot of time practicing even if it’s frustrating. Japanese can certainly be frustrating, but if you really want to learn it, you can do it. You need to develop a habit to study and practice your Japanese as often as you can – even every day for a few hours.

2. Do you really want to learn Japanese?

Do you have any personal reason to learn Japanese? If you want to learn a new language because it’s popular or it will look good on your CV, you won’t be as interested as a person who wants to learn a language because he has a personal reason – for example he likes the Japanese culture or wants to move to Japan.

3. Do you like unconventional methods?

Unconventional methods lead to unconventional results. If you want to learn Japanese quickly, you should look for unconventional methods. Many people still can’t speak a new language fluently after few years of studying, because they are trying to learn it in a class or from a handbook. And the truth is that it doesn’t work as effectively as unconventional methods such as participating in online communities or speaking with a language partner on Skype.

So, are you one of these people? Are you a person who can learn Japanese quickly? I hope so. Good luck!

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