How to Use The Great “I Am” – The Revelation That Will Change Your Mind

I was reading a book recently with my husband Jason concerning healing with the power of sound. It also covered the way sounds affect the world and the mind as well as the body.

Something was mentioned and it caused a real moment of realization to me. Perhaps it will have the same benefits for you…

We are talking about the statement “I Am”

Not strictly speaking about the religious mention or use of this statement. All holy books aside… Manifestation marketers and self improvement types alike have always spoken of affirmations.

Often using the statement “I Am” specifically.

Their explanation:( in short) Believe you are, before you are. These can be affirmations like “I am rich”, “I am happy”, “I am a millionaire”.

Those are some of the more popular affirmations, but it’s enough to give you a picture.

For many sane people this is a hard concept to grasp. – Thinking we are already something that we are not but desperately want.

This method if you do not have complete trust and faith can actually have adverse effects.

We say and do everything we are told but nothing happens at least not right away. Then we get frustrated, depressed and down. This makes it even harder for us to get on the computer and stay strong day after day.

I knew there had to be more to these verbal affirmations. I had to understand why. Thinking this would give way to a deeper understanding and hopefully subconscious working of these “affirmations”.

Upon studying quantum theories and natural laws I discovered more about the creation of everything in our lives then one would consider humanly possible.

Even before modern science as we know it, we see mentions of thoughts and vocalization to make manifest in most ancient philosophies. Proof has been written and engraved in stone on the walls of previously buried temples from America to Egypt to Japan.

The more you learn about how these affirmations work, the more your world begins to fall into place. With all doubt removed the universe finds a way. So do your research and you will discover that blind faith can actually see. ^_^

Back to my recent discovery…

I have recently learned a piece of information which made all the “I am” affirmations make sense, and not only that… now they work.

To put it shortly the “I am” part of the statement refers to the presence or existence of God or the divine energy in you.

Then whatever is stated afterward specifically is what the god energy is intentioned to accomplish.

For example “I am Wealth” means” God in me exists and expresses itself as wealth”

This little explanation was all my thinking mind needed to be able to use this incredible statement.

Now everyday:

* “I am healthy”

* “I am wealthy”

* “I am protected”

* And “I am prosperous”

I hope this helps you as it has helped me.


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