Japan Tsunami: More Earthquakes to Come?

In light of the Japanese tsunami, as we all grieve for the loss of life, pending fear that abounds for our fellow brethren, I want to bring this message given to me from God to bring comfort and healing.

At times like this, the sense of complete utter lack of control over our life and circumstances, our only chance is to reach out to God/source for help. It is at these times when our desire is so strong to connect to God that we surrender and receive God’s love and peace that allows God to guide us to safety.

Those who cross over in these sudden events were meant to depart. Those who survive have purpose in their experience. It is by choice on a soul level to go through such an experience.

So you may ask why? Why would a soul choose to go through such horrific experiences?

There are many reasons.

A soul will review their own lives and determine how they can find love and acceptance that they didn’t achieve in previous incarnations. This is love of self. When you don’t love yourself you will find fault in your outside world and judge and feel as though you are a victim. Every event you either experience first hand or as an observer, you have an internal experience and then make an assessment about it.

Notice what you are feeling. Is it guilt that you are not helping or doing enough in your own life? Does it bring urgency for you to wake up and start living every day to your fullest? For some this type of an event will motivate you to bring about change.

For some it will take a personal experience to motivate you to take action for what you know deep within you are here to do. But everyday life comforts and challenges get in your way.

God truly wishes for things to change where we take a proactive stance. Not wait until we are pushed. Open up to your own power. Open up to experience God’s power through you now.

When you focus in our 3 dimensional world you are limited. When you open up to your soul and to the universal essence you awaken to all possibilities. You surpass your fears and self imposed limitations.

It is time to awaken to your power to create and experience our world the way you choose. Being in your mind and thoughts will block you. You must surrender to your soul. I am here to teach you how if you are unable to open up on your own.

There are more earthquakes going to happen. Listen to your earth. The earth is releasing the stress that needs to let go and heal. This is your inner stress and pain. It’s time to heal. There is so much pain in the world in each of us.

When you disagree, first look at the other’s pain before you react. Then look at your own pain. Ask, how you are contributing to each other’s pain and judgment. Then how can you alleviate each other’s pain? Just doing this will shift your experience and it will have a ripple effect.

There are different potential outcomes and they depend on us. There are earthquakes occurring constantly that alleviate the pressure in the earth. So an earthquake can either alleviate stress gradually in small amounts or in one big devastating event. It is very much like your own internal system. If you suppress your emotions they will eventually explode.

Start to face your inner feelings and take responsibility for them, not judge but acknowledge how you feel. Understand your feelings, accept yourself for how you feel and decide if these feelings serve your highest good. If not choose to let them go and make a choice as to what you would like to feel and choose to feel it. Only you choose how you feel.

God purposely evaded the question of an exact time and place of the earthquakes for a reason. If you knew would you just pack up and leave during that time? Would you ignore what has been said? Would you go into survival mode? Look at your reactions and where you are?

Yes, there will be a California earthquake of sizable proportion. It is for each one of us to do our internal work. Do not connect to fear, as this will create a fearful experience. Connect to your eternal soul that you are always safe and guided to where you need to be.

Hold a consciousness of support and change that only good and healing result in your experience and you will create this.

Hold a consciousness of unity and love for each other no matter who they are, what color, religion, how much money they have or what physical differences they have. This is where we are heading. Your true choice will determine your experience.

You are never alone. You are loved whatever you choose. God/source so much desires to communicate with you directly. The choice is yours. The only thing preventing you from this is your beliefs that say otherwise. Acknowledge to yourself, I don’t know how, but I know that I can, show me the way.

Leah Levkowitz – Divinely Guided Success Coach, Psychic and Channel of God and Spirit.

Leah opens the door to the non-physical realm where she brings you the highest guidance to support you to achieve success in your life and business.
Her unique Soul Empowerment Healing sessions, guided by spirit, uncover unconscious limiting beliefs to heal, transform, enlighten and empower you into the powerful being that you are.

She herself struggled with many challenges in her spiritual growth. Working closely with her guides through this learning process has given her the ability to be a powerful guide and teacher. Her mission is to empower everyone to use their own intuitive abilities. As such, she has created with her team of guides, “The Awakening To Your Inner Power,” a 6-class series that will connect you to spirit, your intuitive abilities and empowers you to live as your soul to fulfill your life’s potential. She reaches people all over the globe through her inspirational channeled column, “Spirit-View with Leah Levkowitz.” For a free Discovery Session and to receive her newsletter go to: http://www.spirit-view.com. To get her Free Soul Empowerment Gifts go to http://www.spirit-view.com/main/services-for-your-success/gift-video-series/

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