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Learn Japanese with fast! You’re doing a wonderful job of learning Japanese! But, it’s natural to be a little bit unsure about pronunciation. After all, nothing would be more embarrassing than saying all the words in an important conversation wrong! Don’t worry; this Japanese article will boost your confidence by making sure your Japanese pronunciation is on point. In this Newbie Japanese article, master the perfect pronunciation of words you’ve been concerned about. You’ll find all sorts of helpful charts that include Japanese spellings and easy-to-read pronunciation keys. A few examples of what you’ll find are su vs. tsu, and goodbyes and long vowels with ei and ou sounds. This awesome Newbie Japanese article will make sure your Japanese pronunciation is absolutely perfect!

Grammar: In this article, you’ll learn the following words and phrases:

Pronunciation Practice

Su  (“English”) / Tsu (“English”)
Su ki (“likable”) / Tsu ki (“moon”)
Su mi (“corner”) / Tsu mi (“sin”)
Su mi masu (“to live”) / Tsu mi masu (“to pile up”)
Su i ka (“watermelon”) / Tsu i ka (“addition”)
U su i-san (“Mr. / Ms. Usui”) / U tsu i-san (“Mr. / Ms. Utsui”)
Ka su (“to impose”) / Ka tsu (“to win”)
Misu (“mistake”) / Mi tsu (“syrup”)

Small Tsu
Ka ko (“past”) / Kakko (“brackets”)
Ni shi (“west”) / Nisshi (“daily report”)
Ki te (“to wear” – te form) / Kitte (“stamps”)
Ka ta (“shoulders”) / Katta (“won”)
Ma sa o (“Masao” – a name of a person) / Massao (“deep blue”)

Practice saying the following sentences.

  1. Masao massao.
    “Masao looks very pale.”
  2. Kitte katte kite.
    “Go and get some stamps.”


  1. Ja. or Jaa.
  2. Soreja. or Sorejaa.
  3. Ja mata. or Jaamata
  4. Baibai.


  1. Dewa.
  2. Sore dewa.
  3. Dewa mata.
  4. Sayoonara
  5. Shitsurei shimasu

Long Vowels Ei and OuSounds

“Meaning in English” / Pronunciation
“movie” / ei ga
“English” / ei go
“swimming” / su i ei
“police” / kei sa tsu
“yesterday” / ki noo
“airport” / kuu koo
“Tokyo” / Too kyoo
“goodbye” / Sayoonara

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