Experience 5 Star Luxury Accommodations in Japanese Style

‘The Land of the Rising Sun’ has always been a magical place, filled with centuries-old customs and traditions. To many, Japan is mysterious. Geishas, cherry blossoms, Sumo wrestling, and Samurai swords are all very attractive to the tourists who enjoy experiencing new – and old – civilizations.

Japan is known for many cultural facets, including its incredibly relaxing landscaped Tsukiyama (hill), Karesansui (dry) and Chaniwa (tea) gardens, which are filled with ponds, streams, paths bridges, and stepping stones. These beautifully enhanced landscapes are sanctuaries, bringing the beholder peace and tranquility in a stressful world.

Traveling to Far East Asia to explore over three thousand islands is not exactly a vacation everyone can afford. Either time, money, or both could be lacking. Such a voyage may also be very exhausting, which may be the opposite of what a large number of people expect from a holiday. This raises the question: is there a way to experience Japanese culture, but without extensive, tiresome travel?

Japanese-style retreats with five star luxury accommodations are very popular today. They are very trendy, and can even be found around Melbourne or the CBD, at the foot of the beautiful Dandenong Ranges. Originally known as ‘Corhanwarrabul,’ these low mountain ranges, which consist of rolling hills, steep, weathered valleys, and thick temperate rainforest, are the ideal location for a first-class resort.

Luxury accommodation at a Japanese mountain retreat is suitable for everyone, and not only the anxious businessman. Young lovers may be looking for a romantic setting to propose, couples celebrating their anniversary can renew their vows, and stressed-out parents may need a day away from the kids. Some companies will offer a night or weekend at a prominent resort to their employees as a bonus, while other firms will book a few rooms for prospective clients, or associates as an incentive.

Individuals, couples or groups staying at a Japanese-style mountain retreat in Victoria can enjoy many advantages over traditional lodging facilities. They include:

• Stylish, minimalistic, Japanese-style abodes (with modern conveniences like a TV, or a DVD and CD player, for those who cannot quite let go of every-day life).

• Complete privacy – services can be provided to your room.

• Various meal possibilities – you can dine in the privacy of your quarters, order a delicious six course Japanese or Thai banquet, or use the fully equipped kitchen in your room to prepare yourself a Western-style breakfast.

• A deluxe ofuro (deep tub) overlooking your very own private, picturesque Japanese garden.

• In-house massages, ‘Hinoki Mint Mineral’ or ‘Neroli Cyprus’ bath soaks, and various other, soothing spa services.

• Experience the art of a traditional tea ceremony

• Japanese atmosphere through the use of Tatami (traditional straw matting), Shoji (moveable screens used to partition areas of the home), and authentic Japanese Niwa (gardens). Each sanctuary has stones and Tsukubai lanterns to represent the elements of water, fire, and earth.

Despite the rumors, luxury accommodations in a Japanese-style retreat are not expensive. They are actually quite affordable and can bring you the relaxation you so desperately need, but without the usual travel delays, bad restaurant experiences, and unsatisfactory hotel services.

Japanese Mountain Retreat offers premium, Luxury accommodation [http://www.japanesemountainretreat.com.au/pages/main.html] for couples looking for a unique and restful romantic escape in Victoria. Attention to detail and hints of both traditional and modern Japanese traditions and lifestyle create a beautiful setting in which to enjoy this luxury accommodation.

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