Japan Luxury Hotels – Finding the Right One!

Japan has many diverse areas to offer you – from high-tech, contemporary cities, to important historical cities, to small towns with extraordinary scenery. Each main city centre and tourist destinations in Japan have their own unique trademark, and you just have to see which one suits your taste.


For those who love being in a very contemporary city, there is Tokyo, the capital of Japan. While it is known to be the most populated high-tech urban city in the world, Tokyo still maintains some hints of traditional Japan. The city has many popular shopping and fashion districts, night spots, museums and temples, parks, and some great first-class hotels. Another huge metropolis is Osaka, known to be Japan’s best place to dine and party, with plenty of luxurious, grand hotels. Osaka has many amazing sights and attractions, including parks and temples, shopping and delicious food.


Another high-tech urban city well-known for its amazing sights and vibrant city life is Kyoto. Kyoto has a pretty amazing natural scenery, temples, as well as traditional architecture. Sapporo city also has numerous attractions, with spectacular architecture, parks, museums, and especially, its winter season. Sapporo is famous for its beer and food, and its breathtaking white winter with its comfortable hotels. There is also Hiroshima, which is a vibrant modern city with numerous cultural attractions and historical monuments around town.

Nagasaki and Nara

These are cities important to their historical value. Nagasaki sees strong influences of European culture during the colonial times, and has many architectural attractions, museums, gardens and shopping areas. The city was hit by a nuclear bomb in 1945, a few days after the historical bombing of Hiroshima, just before World War II officially ended. Nara, on the other hand, is an ancient city famous for its important historical sites, temples and shrines, and its beautiful gardens and spectacular scenery. Both cities have many luxury hotels around.


There is also Kanazawa, a historical city with serene neighbourhoods and great attractions. Kanazawa has a few upscale hotels, and is great for a relaxing, quiet holiday as the town is relatively remote. Here, you can find spectacular gardens, castles and architecture, temples and shrines, museums, and many other cultural attractions. Another pleasant city is Sendai, which is referred to as the “forest city.” There are also a few first-class hotels here, and many beautiful gardens, shrines, monuments, architecture to visit. Sendai does not have many historical sites to visit though, but has a relaxing pace as well.

How To Find The Right Hotel?

First you have to decide what you want to see, do and where you want to go. Then look at what Japan luxury hotels [http://www.japanluxuryhotels.org] are available in the area you have decided.

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